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Instructions and Help about cms clia lookup

All right so Alicia is going to interview Jane we're good we just decided and this is Boyan another one of Boyd's great ideas is why don't we highlight students so that prospective people in the call can can hear how they've used the CCO programs we don't have a picture she said the only thing she had on Facebook was a picture of her cat so Jane let's let's start out with a little bit of your background okay I trained as a nurse and I went ahead more I was a medical assistant I had x-ray and lab and I worked in physicians offices and then as I've got on I got married start having children and I realized that a lot of my time was away from my kids and I didn't like it so I've always been asked to help in the business office and whatnot I also have a degree in business from Portland State and I realized I like this coding I like the insurance part this looks like fun but it's a lot of work and a lot of time and so when I was coding I just definite said I'm going to start coding from home I kind of laughed at well what's going to happen I found in this area nursing home providers really needed someone to do their billing and their coding so I started doing that from home I was able to be around my kids which was wonderful and it just really worked out and then I thought well you know I really should get certified so I know what I'm doing so I went and I took a course through Portland Community College and it was at the time when they were just doing online courses and it was not very well planned out in many students were frustrated we finished the course and then feel like we knew what we're doing and this was back in 2021 so I did learn things and I kept doing what I was doing and I would actually get called to go out to other clinics they needed someone to fill in and that was fun it gave me variety that's going to different offices but I really didn't feel I was doing my best work and so I went over and I took the coding at the Community College again and they had a lady who is the head coder for the Oregon Health Sciences and she did a great job but still things were not meshing for me and so I was looking to I I don't want to have to go through another program but I was willing to do that and online I found Laureen splits videos they just made everything clear and put it together it was just wonderful I had the confidence and I studied and I went and I took my certification test and of all the little nuggets of information that.