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Instructions and Help about clia regional offices

The Ventana capellini lab is a certified laboratory for our companion diagnostics life cycle it's certified by cap which is College of American Pathologists and CLIA which is the clinical laboratory Improvement Act we receive samples from our global pharma trials from the pharma partners that we support in development of their companion diagnostics we received all the tumor samples from the patients that are being considered for enrollment on their trials at the cat CLIA lab here and in Tucson their samples are tested and those our expert pathologists report out on the biomarkers being tested and our case really enrollment into trials that are going to be effective for their treatment so I'd say the most exciting thing about the cap CLIA lab for Fantana is the fact that every day is a new adventure trials begin and end and new informations gathered and new hypothesis have formed due to the data that's collected and combined with patient outcome we really make a difference to the patients at the end of the day so you know I I personally think for most people they're driven by the impact that we have on patients here and because the tests change all the time that drugs changed trials change everyday can be very exciting for the entire team what excites me most about our cat play lab are the great people that we have working in the lab these are people of the highest professional integrity and that are extremely experienced in the laboratory work that they do and it means that we have a very high quality lab because of the people because of the CLIA certification I know that the results that we get out of there are the best that that they can be and that gives me confidence it gives our Pharma partners confidence that we're producing great data for them we get the best in the brightest and and the reason for that is that when they come here we're working at the edge of technology we're working on what's next we're working on marrying the diagnostic to the treatment and so you get individuals that have a high motivation and their individuals that are committed to transforming medicine you're on the forefront of companion diagnostics you're providing solutions to pathologists oncologists and and patients that are in their time of need but it's all using the latest and greatest technology that we have despite being highly regulated in terms of speaking with pharma partners which we do on a regular basis you know the feedback that we've received from them is that they're looking for a partner that has proven success and a track record of developing companion diagnostics so certainly we can say that we have done that as well or better than anyone in our space we also have a complete end-to-end solution in terms of sourcing and providing raw materials for companion diagnostics developing a companion diagnostic through the complete.